Ask the Experts:
“Outer Strength, Inner Strength is a collection of weekly inspirational
letters written from Ginnie Mesibov’s heart to other women who are
facing challenges that they see as insurmountable.  
Well written and
lively, these works draw the reader on and help fill her heart with
hope and courage.
 Mesibov understands how the “modern” woman is
pulled this way and that, trying to make sense of her life and to be of
service to those around her.  Ginnie’s letters strive to help her reader
connect with herself, become centered in herself, and use her own
resources and talents to raise above her challenges and deal with them in a
healthy and spiritual way.”

    — Hon. Babette Josephs, Pennsylvania State House Representative
Ginnie Mesibov unites the quests for psychological and spiritual
wholeness in the lives of women.
Wise and inspiring, she relates biblical
teachings to our endeavor to appreciate ourselves and the world around
us. Her writing is by turns intimate and thoughtful, elegant and majestic,
comforting and funny as she transforms the events of her own life into
explorations of universal themes.”

                — Dr. Ruth L. Greenberg, Psychologist
“Written in an engaging, writer-to-reader style, Outer Strength, Inner
Strength speaks to the variety of experiences and issues all women
Whether the subject is friendship or illness, vacations or prayer, this
author is direct, down-to-earth and always encouraging. The reader cannot
help but be strengthened by these reflections on life that emphasize both
the inner strengths with which women are gifted and the spiritual
resources always available from a loving and compassionate heavenly
                 — Linda M. Boice, Educator
“Ginnie Mesibov writes to the hearts of contemporary women about the
joys and struggles of life in a reflective and personal way. In this manner
she shares faith principles relating to issues that all women experience,
like waiting for medical test results or encountering challenges in family
Her winsome approach draws the reader not only to
herself, but to the God from whom she draws her strength and
              —Dr. Rebecca Price Janney, Author/Historian
Ginnie Mesibov’s Readers Write:
Your message this week gave me hope.
Your writing is a source of peace and rest.
At times I struggle with intense anxiety, and
reading your message shored me up, made
me feel like I’m not alone.
You have captured a spiritual aspect of the
drama of self-acceptance.
Thanks for reminding me to laugh at myself.
I plan to send your article on strength to
several of my female clients who have no
idea the amount of inner strength they have
to call upon if only they would. Perhaps your
inspiration will give them the courage.
I decided to take your advice and take a long
weekend of rest and relaxation.
Your affirming messages remind me to
remain calm in spite of our hectic pace.
Please know how much your writings mean to
me. They help remind me of God’s love.
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