Ginnie Mesibov is an inspiring
motivational speaker, combining
enthusiasm with an energetic
speaking style.
 She has the ability to
touch her audience with her personal
warmth and compassion, sharing her life
experiences and making it easy for her
listeners to get close to her and therefore to
others. Ginnie is upbeat, informative and
humorous while being encouraging and
spiritually uplifting.
Ginnie's Audience Speaks:
“Ginnie Mesibov is the epitome of her new book Outer Strength, Inner
.  She is able to motivate and encourage her audience with
strong descriptions and passionate explorations of the world
around her and how it affects us.
 She inspires us to look to ourselves
and to others for strength and encouragement.  With her motivational
words, Ginnie helps us to discover how we can not only survive but flourish
during those times of our lives that are the most difficult.”
          —Judy Shulman, Small Business Owner

Ginnie is an inspiring speaker.  She touches me intellectually, emotionally
and spiritually.  
She is able to take problems we all experience in daily
life and put them in a universal context with humor, joy and
I wish everyone could have the opportunity of hearing her.
         —Doctor Jennifer Phillips, Clinical Research Scientist

Ginnie is a woman of heart.  She takes the everyday routines and
details of life and weaves into them into a tapestry of life and love.
She is a courageous woman, having faced the pathos of life with will and
bravery and is an inspiration to people who know her and hear her. To hear
her speak is to take an adventure into and through the heart of a wonderful
        —Reverend Jerry Kay Foote, Presbyterian Minister

Ginnie has a warm, wonderful way of touching her audiences, with a gift for
wordcraft and
inspiration that shines through her down-to-earth
humor and beautiful word pictures
        —Vashti Bandy, Club Officer, Toastmasters International
Ginnie Mesibov may be contacted at:
407 South 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA  19146-1406
(215) 732-0944
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